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Withdrawal Policy

                                        ADDING AND WITHDRAWING FUNDS TO THE CUSTOMER’S ACCOUNT

1. Should you wish to participate in the Games hosted by the Company, you will need to deposit funds to your Account.

2. You acknowledge that:

The funds added by you to your account have not been used in illegal transactions, such as those not derived from illegal activities or from any source of illegal activity.

All payments made to your account are authorised and you will not attempt to withdraw the payment made to your account or take any action that may cause the withdrawal of such payment by a third party, in order to avoid liability under the law.

3. The company does not accept money transfers of funds from third parties, such as from friends, relatives or partners. You must transfer funds from an account/system registered in your own name. If we find that you have violated this rule during checkout, all funds will be returned in the amount not exceeding the total amount of deposited funds to the legitimate account/credit cardholder.

4. If it is necessary to make a bank transfer to the legal owner for a refund, all bank fees will be paid by the beneficiary.

5. We do not accept cash payments. We retain the discretion to use electronic payment systems of third parties and financial institutions to process payments made by you to your account due to your use of the services. You agree to comply with the Terms of Third Parties and (or) financial organisations regarding the use of such payment systems if they do not contradict the text of the Regulations.

6. By adding funds, you acknowledge that you will not attempt to refund or revoke any payment made by you, and you agree to compensate the Company for any refunds of payments, the cancellation of payments, as well as to cover the losses incurred by the Company as a result of such transactions.

7. In case of suspicious or fraudulent payments, including the use of stolen credit cards or in the case of other fraudulent activities (including refusal of a previous transaction or other case of payment withdrawal), the Company retains the discretion to block your account with the rejection of all payments made, including the withdrawal of the benefits obtained. We retain the discretion to notify any competent authority or organisation (including credit-collecting agencies) about any fraudulent payment or other illegal activity, as well as to contact the collection agencies to collect the payments. However, the Company is liable under no circumstances for the unauthorised use of credit cards, regardless of whether a statement has been made about the theft of the card.

8. We retain the discretion to write off any amount from the positive balance of your account as a gambling credit for any bets made upon the use of the Duplicative Accounts, as well as in the result of collusion, fraud, theft or other criminal activities or using errors of the Website.

9. Captainsbet retains the discretion to terminate any bonuses and benefits if there is a suspicion that they have been obtained in an unfair way.

10. You acknowledge and agree that your Account is not a bank account and therefore is not insured, guaranteed, sponsored, or otherwise protected in any way by whatsoever banking or other insurance systems. In addition, the funds added to your account will not run interest.

11. You agree to pay for all goods and/or services, as well as for the additional services ordered via the Website and the subsequent costs (if necessary), including all possible taxes, fees, etc without limitation. You assume full responsibility for making prompt payments via the Website.

11.1 The payment system ensures only the payment for an amount specified by the Website and is not responsible for the implementation of additional payments/expenses by the user of the Website. After submitting a deposit, the operation is considered to be executed and irrevocably completed and you agree that you have no right to terminate the payment or request its termination.

11.2 Upon the use of the Website services, you assume legal responsibility for any possible violation of the laws of any country where you use the Services, and confirm that the payment system is not responsible for such illegal and unauthorised actions.

11.3 Upon agreement to use the Services of the Website, you understand and accept that processing of any of your payments is made by the payment system, and the legislation does not provide the right to terminate the purchase of already ordered goods and (or) services, as well as does not provide the other opportunities of payment termination.

11.4 The payment system is not responsible for any failures in the processing of data from your payment card or for the refusal of the bank to authorise the payment from your payment card. The payment system is not responsible for the quality, quantity, cost, or conditions of the provision of any goods and/or services offered to you or purchased by you on the Website upon the use of your payment card.

11.5 When you pay for any goods and/or services on the Website, you, first of all, agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the Website. As a cardholder, please bear in mind that you are solely responsible for the purchase of all goods and/or services ordered by you via the Website and for any additional costs/fees accrued on this payment. The payment system acts exclusively as a payment provider for the amount specified on the Website and is not responsible for pricing and/or total cost calculation.

11.6 In case of a situation where you do not agree with the above terms and conditions, and (or) if you have other reasons, please do not make a payment and, if necessary, contact the administrator/support service of the Website directly.

12. You may request withdrawal of funds from your account at any time, provided that:

12.1. All payments to your account have been confirmed and no termination, refusal, or refund of any of these payments have been made.

12.2. Verification referred to in paragraph 4 (Terms&Conditions), mentioned above was carried out.

13. When submitting a request for a funds transfer, you must ensure that the following conditions are observed:

13.1. Your Profile must be fully completed.

13.2. The withdrawal was requested upon the use of the same method, which was applied upon the deposit of the funds. Otherwise, we retain the discretion to refuse such a withdrawal request in favour of the original payment method.

14. Due to the standards set for VISA and MasterCard cards, restrictions may be imposed on the withdrawal of funds to cards issued in certain countries.

15. If the total amount of bets after the last deposit is less than two times the amount of the Player's last deposit, the Company retains the discretion to withhold a fee up to 40% of the payment in order to cover the commission costs of a transfer and commission expenses to game providers in case of bonus funds use.

16. The Company retains the discretion to limit the maximum amount of customer withdrawals to $20,000 per month.

17. The withdrawals are processed within 24 business hours. Depending on the payment method, the funds will reach the player’s account within 1 to 5 working days. The Company is not responsible for any delays in processing payments that may occur after processing a request for write-off by our managers.

18. The amount of funds withdrawn from the non-deposit bonus is set by the Bonus Terms.

19. If a customer requests withdrawal to a payment account not previously used for deposits, we retain the discretion to refuse such a withdrawal in favour of a previously used payment account.

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